Christian Hansen

Fellow in the

Accelerator and Beam Physics Group at
Geneva, Switzerland


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  • Christian Hansen retrieved his Ph.D. in May 2005 from the Uppsala University (Sweden), and during half of his Ph.D. studies he was based at CERN. He worked for a neutrino R&D project, where he developed a Geant4 simulation to investigate the limitations in the use of RICH counters to detect tau-neutrino appearance. During his Ph.D. period he also worked for the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), where he wrote a material integration service for the ATLAS inner detector and an analysis program to investigate the discovery potential for a charged Higgs boson decaying in the chargino-neutralino channel of the ATLAS detector. For his first post doctoral position he was employed by the University of Victoria (Canada). In Victoria he worked with the software for the Large Detector Concept (LDC) at the International Linear Collider (ILC) and with the software for the near detector (ND280) at the T2K long baseline neutrino experiment in Japan. As an example he studied the CCQE efficiency and purity for muon neutrino events in the ND280 tracker. For his second post doctoral position he was employed by IFIC, Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular, in Valencia (Spain). Also here he was, among other things, working with the software for the ND280 detector; improving the electronical simulation of and developing the calibration software for the time projection chambers of the ND280 tracker. He is currently employed by the Accelerator and Beam Physics Group at CERN, recently joined a design study group of the "second generation" neutrino facilities in Europe, EURONU, within FP7 particularly investigating the prospect of the Beta Beam facility.